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Indus Seed Expo-2019

Feb-23-24,2019 @Hotel Millennium Airport, Dubai (UAE)

Mission & Vision

Northern seed association hold an apex position in india having membership of reputed indian seed companies and are pleased to announce INDUS SEED EXPO-2019 on Feb-23-24,2019 in Dubai(UAE). Which will be a big historical event and much awaited opportunity for all the seed companies from pakistan (Ch. M Siddique & Sons, Faisalabad & Rachna Agri Business, Gujranwala)

As the whole of World Seed Industry is looking to expand their expertise beyond their territories and as a part of Vibrant Indian Seed Industry NSA have taken this historic opportunity and lead to organize this event to reach out to huge potentials of West Asia, Africa and Indus Valley region for Agriculture and Seed Exports.

India and Pakistan have taken a step ahead for the seed industries to create markets for their Products/Brands beyond their territories by providing quality seeds with constant availability from the global markets by easing the trade & political barriers to the poor farmers of the region

India has a unique strength in quality Seed production to meet the demand for Africa, West Asia, Indus Valley Region covering SAARC countries to generate employment and bring prosperity in the region

The main aim and vision of INDUS SEED EXPO-2019 is to develop a Vibrant Seed Sector in this west Asia & Indus Region by showcase in Dubai which is a gateway for all the Seed Companies to explore the global Agricultural the capabilities in the most potential Agriculture region in the world.

International Organising Committee

Chairman (IOC)
Ch. Azhar Siddiq

Ch. M. Siddiq & Sons(PK)

Chief Organiser
Mr. Raman Uppal

Crystal Crop Sciences Ltd. (IND)

Mr. Asim Butt

Rachna Agri Business (PK)

Mr. Karan Mahajan

Durga Seed Farm (IND)

Mr. Sohail Akhtar

CKD Seeds & Fertilizers (PK)

Co Chairman (IOC)
Mr. K. V. Somani

Somani Kanak Seedz(p) ltd. (IND)

Mr. Hemal Patira

Mahaveer Intl. FZC (UAE)

Sd. Balbir Singh

Hoshiarpurian Di hatti (IND)

Mr. Sher Ali

Sher Ali & Sons Seed CO. (PK)

Mr. Umar Rauf

A. Rauf Seed Co. (PK)